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Mission: Providing financial and volunteer resources, and advocacy for Recreation programs and Parks in Oakland.

The Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation is a registered non-profit that bridges the gap between the City of Oakland’s offices of Parks and Recreation and Public Works, helping to fund the public’s need for safe, clean and well-maintained parks and recreation centers. We have improved parks and recreation centers across the city by providing fiscal sponsorship, fundraising support, and technical assistance to community groups working to improve their neighborhood parks. The Foundation’s involvement varies by project, but each project relies on collaboration between community groups, private businesses, and government agencies. Every project the Foundation undertakes improves and expands Oakland’s parks and green spaces.

If your group is mission-aligned with us, and is in need of fiscal sponsorship, consider us. We sponsor close to 100 local organizations, help them manage their money, and allow them to fundraise under our non-profit umbrella. Additionally, we bring together community volunteers, local organizations, public agencies, and businesses to maximize resources so that Oakland's parks and medians are well-maintained. Our goals include empowering communities to help care for their parks and medians through volunteerism and stewardship, promoting efficient use of resources through collaboration, assessing park conditions on an ongoing basis, advocating for effective park maintenance, and exploring possibilities for establishment of park/median conservancies.